New Edge Finance partners with SeerBit to improve payment collection rates

NewEdge Finance, a leading credit financing company that provides accessible loans to Nigerians, has partnered with SeerBit, Africa's preferred payment partner, to further optimise the loan repayment process for its customers. 

This collaboration makes use of best-in-class technology to improve payment flexibility and increase payment acceptance rates. SeerBit's tokenize and charge technology ensures that users' card details are safe and secure during transactions, removing the need for users to enter their card information repeatedly for subsequent repayments and making the repayment process faster and more convenient for borrowers.

Furthermore, SeerBit's partial debit feature enables New Edge Finance to increase loan recovery rates by automatically collecting partial payments from users. This feature is especially beneficial for customers who are unable to make full repayment all at once because it allows them to pay in instalments and avoid defaulting on their loans. 

Through this partnership, New Edge Finance and SeerBit are committed to providing customers with a seamless and secure payment experience. We are excited about the potential of this partnership and look forward to helping more Nigerians access credit financing solutions in a safe and convenient manner.

About SeerBit

SeerBit is a leading payment solutions provider that enables African and global businesses to collect payments in Africa seamlessly. With a robust payment infrastructure that integrates directly with global and local card schemes as well as locally preferred payment methods. SeerBit is a reliable partner for businesses looking to expand their operations in Africa. With a presence in over 8 African countries, SeerBit provides businesses with a single platform to access multiple payment channels, allowing them to reach more customers and increase revenue. 

About New Edge Finance

New Edge Finance is a CBN-licensed financing firm that was established in 2019 with the goal of providing credit financing solutions to Nigerians. New Edge Finance has already provided credit financing solutions to over 4 million people across Africa through three innovative loan products and a network of over 2000 stores. New Edge Finance, as a trusted partner to individuals and businesses alike, is dedicated to assisting its customers in achieving their financial goals by providing easy access to credit and flexible repayment terms. New Edge Finance is quickly becoming a leading player in the African financial landscape, with a focus on customer satisfaction and financial inclusion.