SeerBit launches Alpha: Empowering businesses to embed financial services

SeerBit Limited, a leading Pan-African payment solutions provider, is excited to announce the launch of SeerBit Alpha, an embedded finance solution empowering businesses to expand their operations with their own branded payment solutions.

SeerBit's corporate philosophy centres on unlocking latent economic value through payments, and with SeerBit Alpha, the company aims to democratize fintech adoption by enabling every African business owner to embed fintech solutions and offer more value to their customers. As a comprehensive embedded finance suite, SeerBit Alpha provides a diverse range of payment solutions, allowing businesses to digitize their payment processes with a tested and trusted technological infrastructure, customizable according to their specific needs and preferences. 

SeerBit Alpha caters to businesses in various industries, including travel, hospitality, financial institutions, and online marketplaces. They can leverage SeerBit's solution to create fully branded digital banking services, international remittance platforms, airtime disbursement platforms, and virtual account infrastructure. This empowers them to generate new revenue streams while providing their customers with a seamless and fully branded digital experience.

"We envision a world where every business can operate their own fintech layer," said Omoniyi Kolade, CEO of SeerBit, during the SeerBit Alpha launch. "By democratizing financial services provision, we can unlock untapped value across multiple industries and supply chains."

Despite the increase in smartphone penetration and digital payment solutions in Africa, only around 5-7% of all payment transactions are made through electronic or digital channels, indicating a vast untapped potential due to existing inefficiencies in the payment infrastructure. SeerBit aims to be at the forefront of companies leading the conversation and offering practical solutions to address these challenges.

"Our goal is to build a unified payment ecosystem that simplifies the digital payment process in Africa, allowing businesses to seamlessly accept multiple payment methods and streamline online and offline transactions," added Mr. Kolade. "By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, businesses can unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and establish themselves as leaders in the evolving fintech landscape."

SeerBit has already made significant strides in the payment gateway industry, operating in ten African countries and providing flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Renowned organizations such as The British Council, United Bank for Africa, and WiX have integrated SeerBit's services to enhance their payment processes.

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About Seerbit

SeerBit is a leading payment solutions company that empowers businesses to collect and manage online and offline payments through cutting-edge technology adaptable to any business, store, industry, or shopper journey. The company's mission is to build a unified payment ecosystem that simplifies digital payments across Africa, enabling businesses to accept multiple payment methods seamlessly.

Operating in ten African countries, SeerBit offers a wide range of solutions driving the adoption of digital payments throughout the continent. Some notable organizations that have integrated SeerBit's services include The British Council, United Bank for Africa, and WiX.

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