EasyBuy partners with SeerBit to deepen smartphone penetration in Africa

Easybuy, Africa's leading smartphone financing provider, has teamed up with SeerBit, Africa's preferred payment partner, in a ground-breaking partnership aimed at revolutionising smartphone financing and increasing smartphone penetration across the continent.

The collaboration is in response to the growing demand in Africa for affordable and accessible smartphones. Easybuy's innovative financing model enables individuals to conveniently purchase smartphones by making an initial 30% deposit and spreading the remaining balance over six months. However, many customers had difficulty making timely repayments due to unreliable payment partners, which resulted in failed transactions and disrupted payment collection processes.

Recognising the importance of a reliable and seamless payment collection provider, Easybuy found an ideal fit with SeerBit. SeerBit’s recurring payment technology includes tools such as tokenize and charge, automatic retry, and partial debit that ensure customers have a seamless payment experience throughout the instalment period. This eliminates the inconvenience and frustration caused by failed transactions, allowing customers to make their payments on time, reliably, and conveniently, further streamlining the payment process for Easybuy and its customers. 

This partnership between EasyBuy and SeerBit demonstrates a shared vision of leveraging technology to drive social and economic development in Africa, and it is poised to have a significant impact on deepening smartphone penetration on the continent. By enhancing the affordability of smartphones and removing payment barriers, the partnership aims to empower more individuals to access these smart mobile devices and accelerate Africa's digital transformation.

About EasyBuy 

EasyBuy is a leading provider of smartphone financing in Africa, providing access to smartphones with flexible payment schedules. With more than 2000 agents and partnerships with well-known smartphone retailers, Easybuy already gives millions of Africans access to smartphones. EasyBuy aims to bridge the digital gap by making smartphones more accessible to Africans.

About SeerBit

SeerBit is a leading payment solutions provider that enables African and global businesses to collect payments in Africa seamlessly. With a robust payment infrastructure that integrates directly with global and local card schemes as well as locally preferred payment methods. SeerBit is a reliable partner for businesses looking to expand their operations in Africa. With a presence in over 8 African countries, SeerBit provides businesses with a single platform to access multiple payment channels, allowing them to reach more customers and increase revenue.