Why am I receiving Debit Alerts with SeerBit's Name?


 If you have been receiving debit alerts with SeerBit as the narration, don't be alarmed. There are several possible reasons for this. But before we tell you why, we would like you to know that SeerBit is a payment gateway that facilitates online transactions between merchants and customers. Here are some scenarios that could explain why you are receiving debit alerts with SeerBit's name: 

You purchased a product or service:

If you recently made a purchase from an online store or a service provider, the transaction might have been processed through SeerBit. In such cases, the debit alert would show SeerBit as the payment processor responsible for handling the transaction. 

You took a loan:

If you borrowed money from a lender or a financial institution, SeerBit might be involved in processing the loan payment. In this case, the debit alert would indicate that the payment was processed through SeerBit.  

You renewed your subscription:

If you have a recurring subscription for a service or a membership, the payment for the renewal could be processed by SeerBit. As a result, you would receive a debit alert with SeerBit's name. 

Someone used your card:

Unfortunately, unauthorised transactions can occur if someone gains access to your payment card details. If someone fraudulently uses your card to make purchases, the transactions might be processed through SeerBit, leading to debit alerts with their name. If you suspect fraudulent activity, it is important to contact your bank or card issuer immediately to report the unauthorised transactions. 

It's important to note that SeerBit is a payment gateway and does not have the authority to withdraw money from your bank account on its own. SeerBit acts as an intermediary, securely transferring funds between the merchant and the acquiring bank, ensuring a smooth payment process. If you have any concerns about the debit alerts or suspect any fraudulent activity, it is recommended to contact your bank, or the customer support team of the merchant involved to investigate the issue further. 

 Got a debit alert you still don't recognise, let us know.